AI for L&D: A 5-Minute Guide to the Key Benefits

This is a 5-minute microlearning course that explores the use of AI in learning and development, following the ROPES instructional model. It focuses on three key applications of AI in L&D, illustrated with real-world examples. Developed using Articulate Rise, the course features animations made with Vyond, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. It also includes a downloadable job aid for practical application. 

Momentum: A New Rating Scale for Performance Management

This is Module Four from a 7-module course on performance management, focusing on a new employee rating scale. It includes a gamified scenario created with a Storyline block. Originally part of a manager onboarding training program, this module has been adapted for my portfolio. The voiceover has been anonymized using OpenAI’s text-to-speech engine. 

Sophie the French Reading Guide (Proof of Concept)

AI for LD Quick Start Guide

This is a PoC I’m currently working on to help my 7-year-old daughter learn French. In addition to harnessing the full Javascript capabilities of Articulate Storyline, this course leverages speech-to-text, Python scripting, and AI (in this case GPT 4) to provide a truly personalized language learning experience.

The avatar, Sophie, was designed with Adobe’s Character Animator. While centered on language learning, the architecture of this project is versatile enough to support a range of scenario-based learning situations, such as behavioral interviews, customer service, or product training, especially when integrated with an SQL database. 


Getting to Know Your New Role

Getting to Know Your Role

A short explainer video that features in a series of digital onboarding programs. Created with Vyond, Premiere Pro, and stock footage. 

Promotional video (espritEducate)

espritEducate Promo

If espritEducate had a marketing video, it would probably look something like this. This was made for fun using Premiere Pro, Vyond, After Effects and other Adobe Suite programs (PS, AI, and Audition). 

A brief history of Affirmative Action

espritEducate Promo

Effective instructional videos do not have to be expensive. This clip is taken from a longer eLearning course on Affirmative Action compliance for a federal contractor. It was filmed with an iPhone 12, then edited with Premiere Pro for color grading. Sound was captured with a lapel mic. Animation with Vyond and Adobe PS/AI Music by Prigida (royalty free).

Job Aids

Navigating Workday for Performance Reviews

Workday Job Aid PDF

There are numerous excellent tools available for creating job aids, but I personally prefer PowerPoint. It’s a favorite of mine because you can find it on most PCs, it’s intuitive for object alignment, and it uses vector graphics for icons and shapes. These can be easily manipulated in Adobe Illustrator, allowing for the creation of custom images with just a few clicks. And everything scales perfectly.

AI for L&D: A Quick
Reference Guide

AI for LD Quick Start Guide

A good job aid should generally follow a few principles. Here, the benefits of AI in learning and development are presented through a clear, color-coded matrix design, aligning three key roles of an instructional designer with each benefit. Created in PowerPoint and employing the ‘rule of threes,’ the content is organized into three distinct chunks. Following a Z-pattern, the layout guides the viewer’s eye, while the use of chunking breaks each theme into accessible elements.

Data learning series: Part 1 - Storytelling

AI for LD Quick Start Guide

This is a Google Slides deck I created for the first of three virtual instructor-led sessions (VILTs) on data literacy. It’s designed for simplicity, using minimal text and bold color cues to facilitate participant interaction and underscore key learning points. A good deck comes with easy facilitator notes, including cues for transitions and audience engagement.